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The Readable Bible

Complete Bible

Know God Better—
Understand Scripture Like Never
Before in over 20 Modern Formats
This groundbreaking new translation is the first cover-to-cover Bible formatting update since the introduction of indented paragraphs in 1873.


Instead of only using plain text, it presents the same information using the modern formats common in today’s books. You get the same accurate Scripture text organized in an easier-to-read way. And easier to read means easier to understand.

Experience the God of the Bible like never before. Experience The Readable Bible.

Readable Bible New Cover 2022_edited.jpg

Paperback or Leatherette with Easy-to-Read 10.5 Font Size, 2,216 Pages

Instead of plain text
• Genealogies are shown as family trees.
• Census numbers are in tables.
• Old Testament law is in outline format.
• Building designs are shown in easy-to-read charts.
• Poetry and theological passages are in cascading text.

The Readable Bible 27 Individual Books

CPE photo small.jpg

In addition to the single-volume complete Bible, we will also release 27 volumes, available as a set or individually. These books are perfect for devotional reading, Bible studies, carrying to church, or handing out to friends.

27-book set_edited.png

Paperbacks with Easy-to-Read 10.5 Font Size

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