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The Readable Bible Difference

So many of us start a new year with a resolution to read through the Bible, but we don’t! Why? Because it's hard to read.


No longer!

The Readable Bible makes the Scriptures easier to read. Long lists, genealogies, numbers, and regulations are arranged in a format that makes them interesting to see and easier to understand. You'll want to read the Bible more often—the more you read, the more you learn about God. The more you learn about God, the more you grow in your faith. And isn't that why we read the Bible in the first place?

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Key Features for Easy Reading

Instead of Plain Text ...

  • Genealogies are shown as family trees; the line of Jesus is  highlighted.

  • Census numbers are in tables.

  • Law code is in outline format as in modern law books.

  • Poetry and theological passages are presented in cascading text.

  • Text digressions are separated by callouts, so readers can easily see where they begin and end.

Callouts and Footnotes

  • Define words used in the Bible but not everyday life.

  • Define words that are common, but commonly misunderstood.

  • Provide insights into ancient culture and historical context.

  • Provide a literal translation whenever a thought-for-thought translation is given.

Helpful Study Aids in Every Edition


Movements of individuals and groups are shown on maps keyed to the text and located nearby. 


Uncommon words used once or twice are defined in a footnote—three or more times in a glossary.

table of cONTENTS

A Table of Contents makes it easy to locate information.


Illustrations enhance understanding (e.g., the temple and its furniture, Nehemiah’s wall).

Additional Study Aids in Individual Volumes

table of PERSONS

Key persons, with their important actions, are listed in a table along with the chapters in which they are mentioned.

familiar verses

Familiar verses are listed, so readers can easily locate them and read them in context.

Subject index

A subject index is provided for easier topical study.

Prophecy tables

Tables describe the features in the more  complicated prophetic passages, making them easier to understand.

Why Another Version?

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Today’s readers struggle with the Bible. Long, complex sentences, old fashioned “holy” words, and page after page of plain paragraphs make for difficult reading.


Publishers have tackled the problem by moving further and further from the text—from literal translation, to thought for-thought, to paraphrase, to loose paraphrase, which often leaves the reader with little idea what the biblical text actually says.


The Readable Bible reverses this trend. It presents the literal text, but does so using modern formats. The result is a literal translation that is as easy to read as a paraphrase.

Why Modern Formatting?

During the past two hundred years, more than a dozen new formats have been developed to make information easier to read. Yet Bibles are still using plain text in paragraphs to present even the most complicated information. While different formats have been developed since 1850, none of them have been used to make the Bible easier to read!


If today God told Moses to “list the descendants of Adam and their life spans,” Moses would make a table or chart, not write a paragraph. Using modern formats makes it easier for people to read, comprehend and remember Scripture. The Readable Bible maintains the integrity of the literal text but places it in easy-to-read formats. It's the best of both worlds!

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