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New Testament
with Psalms & Proverbs

Do You Wish the Bible Were Easier to Read?
Do you sometimes find it hard to stay engaged in reading your Bible with paragraph after paragraph of plain text? Or maybe you struggle to understand what the Bible is saying or to even find what you want to read.

Experience God’s Word in a Fresh, New Way
The Readable Bible makes it easy to read and understand God’s Word. This groundbreaking new translation arranges the text in the modern formats of today’s nonfiction books. This unique formatting will reveal concepts in Scripture that you may have never noticed or understood before, helping you draw even closer to God.

You’ll find reading the Bible as easy as reading any other book!

TRB New Testament proposed image_edited.png

Features for Easy Reading

• Cascading text reveals the rich rhythms and deeper meanings in the Psalms.

• Narrative paragraph structuring makes it easy to follow Jesus’ conversations and interactions.

• Genealogical and prophecy tables give insight into both past and future.

• Maps and tables keyed to the text help you visualize what happened.

• Lists and callouts make key concepts jump off the page.

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