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The Next New Thing Since

the Invention of Paragraphs

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Do You Wish the Bible Were Easier to Read?

You're not alone. Many people wish they read it more often. But let's face it. With page after page of plain text, the Bible is hard to read. 


Until now. 


True to the

Hebrew and

Greek texts


Arranged in  engaging contemporary formats 


Written in

easy-to-read modern English


First format

update in

the past one hundred years


Psalms in Focus

Experience Psalms Like Never Before

  • Do you struggle to know what the Bible is saying?

  • Do you want to know God better and grow closer to him?

  • Are you looking for hope amid the disappointments of life?


So were the writers of Psalms. Join them on their journey to new hope and faith in God in Psalms in Focus. Meet the God who inspired King David’s praise, and let him ignite your own. Each psalm is accompanied by a devotion that will help you apply it to your own life. Experience God’s comfort and instruction as he draws you closer and fills you with his peace.


This uniquely formatted Bible will change the way you read and understand God’s Word. The Readable Bible’s cascading text leads you down to the deeper meaning within each verse. One thought flows to the next. You’ll discover rich, new layers of hidden treasure within this beautiful book of Scripture. All you need is a heart willing to meet God.


Psalms in Focus is a joint project of The Readable Bible and Woman’s Missionary Union. With contemporary language and formatting to make it easier to understand for today’s reader, it remains true to the original Hebrew text.

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Gospel of John

Gift Edition

As our very first release, we are offering the Book of John Gift Edition! It's easy to read with no verse numbers to get in the way of experiencing Jesus. Look inside.


For a limited time, you can get five copies for a donation of $15 to our Gospel Challenge Foundation. Or order a larger number for your church or small group! 


Upcoming Releases


Arranged in  engaging contemporary formats 

June 2021

Psalms in Focus

Draw closer to the heart of God with The Readable Bible Psalms in cascading text and devotionals from the Woman’s Missionary Union.

March 2022



Experience the life of Christ, the beginning of the church, and the end-time prophecies in a fresh new way.

August 2022

Complete Bible

Be drawn into Scripture and see it as never before in over twenty formats—today’s formats.


What People Are Saying

Dennis Horton

Director of Ministry Guidance

Baylor University Dept. of Religion

I believe that this translation and its helpful notes will be a significant contribution to the translations available to contemporary readers of the Bible. It is easy to read and accessible. 

Pastor Steve Schoof 

Marco Island

Presbyterian Church

I use The Readable Bible Psalms for my sermon preparation. The format makes the flow of thought much easier to discern.

A Reader in Florida

Exodus was so very easy to read, I didn't want to put it down.  I never really understood a lot of what I read in the regular Bible, so this was very refreshing to be able to read and understand what I was reading.  Thanks!


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The Readable Bible signs publishing agreement with Iron Stream Media

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